How exciting would it be to know more about your site visitors? Not just where they come from and what they have viewed, but exactly which companies they are. LeadElephant gives you the information you need to approach the company that visits your website, in order to welcome them as customers.

What exactly is LeadElephant?
LeadElephant is a software product that specializes in recognizing corporate website visitors. Aiming to track down the companies that are of interest to you, based on their behaviour on the website.

Why should I use LeadElephant?
By using LeadElephant you can see which companies visit your website, which pages they have viewed and how often they return. This enables you to keep track of the products and services your (corporate) website visitors are looking for. Extremely valuable information, as this gives you the opportunity to spot orientating or even buying behaviour early.


What am I able to see with LeadElephant?
The below data are some examples of what can be expected:

  • Company
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (if known)
  • Chamber of Commerce data
  • LinkedIn

How does LeadElephant distinguish itself from Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a statistics programme, that shows information that can be used to optimize your website. LeadElephant, however, is a marketing tool that is aimed at recognizing companies and generating leads for your sales department this way.

Can I connect my CRM package to LeadElephant?
Yes. If your CRM package allows it, there are various options to transfer the automatically generated LeadElephant leads into your CRM package.

How does the installation work?
The installation is very simple. BureauZuid, as an official LeadElephant partner, plants a piece of a code onto every page of your website. As soon as the code has been planted, you will receive the log in details and you can start recognizing companies.

What does LeadElephant cost?
LeadElephant’s rates depend on the number of visitors to your website. Based on the amount of traffic on your website, a fixed monthly amount will be determined.

Convert visitors into sales!

Start as soon as possible by converting website visitors into sales. Our Strategy Director Mathieu Hermans will be happy to tell you all about the different options that LeadElephant offers. Or let us implement the tool on your website straightaway. Contact us and we will take action!

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